Areas of Practice


 The distribution of your estate after death, by a Will or without a Will is controlled by a formal legal process called Probate, It is administered via Florida Probate Court in the County in which decedent last reside. Our firm assists in the administration of estates of all types. We provide several ways of administering an Estate, by either Summary Administration or Full Administration.  Our office can review and advise you based upon your particular circumstances.  We also represent Beneficiaries to assure their interest in an Estate is transferred properly.


   A trust expresses your specific orders and directions regarding how your assets are to be handled and distributed. Unlike Wills, Trusts are private documents and are not filed with the probate court and are often used in estate planning as a way to avoid Florida probate. We can also help you establish and fund a revocable living trust, which allow you to name yourself as the trustee complete control over and access to the trust while you are living.  We also assist the Successor Trustee in the Administration of the Trust & its assets after the death of the settlor. 

Estate Planning

Our Office can enable you to arrange for the smooth transition of your assets after death and prevent assets from being tied up in court. This allows you to shield your estate and heirs from possible taxes. It also provides funds for your spouse, children and charities. Protection to allow for the continuity of the operations and ownership of a family business. Homestead property may be transferred in advance by using various Life Estate and/or beneficiary deeds.

Last Will & Testament

 A Last Will and Testament states how you want your assets and property to be distributed at death. A will can also be used to designate a preference for the guardian of any minor children you may have. Or create a contingent trust for minors or disabled heirs. Without a valid will, your estate becomes subject to Florida Intestate law, and may not be distributed as you would like.  

Corporate & Business Matters

Corporate and Business Laws can be overwhelming. We consult on New Corporations, LLC Formation, and Non Profit Organizations. We prepare Shareholder Agreements, contracts for sale of businesses and transfers of corporations, when necessary.

Power of Attorney

 There are several available types of POA. A Power Of Attorney is a document that gives a person of your choice the legal right to act on your behalf for all legal, financial, healthcare and business matters, when you cannot be present. There are various powers of attorney that may be beneficial to you. Consult with our office to determine your needs.