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The distribution of your estate under a Will  is controlled by a formal legal process called Probate, and is administered via Florida probate court in the county in which you   (the maker of the will) reside. 

Our firm assists in the administration of estates of all types. We provide several ways of creating an Estate Plan to avoid need for Probate and expenses of court action regarding your Estate. Our office can review and advise you based upon your particular circumstances.

Power Of Attorney


A Power of Attorney is a document that gives a person of your choice the legal right to act on your behalf for all legal and business matters, when you cannot be present.There are various powers of attorney that may be beneficial to you.

A medical Power of Attorney or Health Care Surrogate Designation, gives decision making ability for the care the principal receives if they are incapacitated. A financial Power of Attorney gives decision making ability for financial decisions on behalf of the principle. 

Living Will


A  Living Will is a document that gives a person of your choice the legal right to act on your behalf to execute your decisions in event you suffer incapacity due to terminal condition. The decision you make for removal of life support and /or feeding tube, under circumstances of terminal illness or condition are carried out by your appointed agent if you are unable to state your own intentions.

Last Will & Testament


A Last Will and Testament states how you want your assets and property to be distributed at death. 

A will can also be used to designate a preference for the guardian of any minor children you may have. 

Without a valid will, your estate becomes subject to Florida laws, and may not be distributed as you would like.

Corporate & Business


As a business owner, we understand how important it is to help your company achieve growth, remain vital in an ever-changing marketplace and to ensure financial stability. Corporate and Business Laws can be overwhelming. 

We consult on New Corporation or LLC Formation, Non Profits, and Shareholder Agreements. Design plans for Family Owned businesses to continue in event of death or incapacity of a major operator, or shareholder.

Estate Planning


Estate Planning enables you to arrange for the smooth transition of your assets after your death & to prevent your assets from being tied up in court. 

Certain plans can enable your heirs to avoid Probate. A Living Trust may be used or other Will Substitutes to protect heirs from taxes, to provide funds for your spouse, children and/or charities. 

Proper Planning protects the continuity of the operations and ownership of a family business or can set up unique special assistance plans for heirs with disabilities or infirmities.